Know your Luxury Lifestyle Home & Community

GreenLagoon is a "Choice of Luxury" which we aspire to make the best option for your investment as well as your life. It is also considered "The Choice of Wellbeing", our theme, due to the accessibilty to a Lifestyle Medicine Support Group should you wish to optimize your health for a longer and better life. Our community is known as a "Nature and Wellness Destination" because we are committed to improving quality of life while also protecting and conserving our environment.


Picture yourself in absolute paradise, feeling the best you ever have.

• Your home will be built in a sustainable way with the luxuries of modern times. It will be a place to enjoy family, meals, and gatherings, surrounded by nature and an atmosphere of wellness, love and peace


• A luxurious yet sustainable community

• All you need for a good and lasting life 

• A unique opportunity to live in a Model Pioneer Community that believes in integration, innovation and transformation

• A community with overwhelming Corporate, Medical & Educational Support to transform your lifestyle if desired. The Science & Evidence-Based Practices are here and readily available to you

• Frequent Lifestyle Medicine Conferences & Congresses supporting and affirming the development of "Arenal-La Fortuna Nature and Wellness Destination"

• You will find an unmatched number of nature sports and activities that add value to your dream paradise


• A community with Certified Providers and Farmers of Evidence-Based Supplements & organic fresh food & restaurants


• A community that offers the Organization "GreenLagoonWellnessMD Institute" that can accredit your doctors, nurses, physiologists, behavioralists, wellness & fitness centers, organic wholesome food suppliers, supplement suppliers, etc.