Lifestyle Medicine EcoClinics & Services

Our Community development has a medical integrated program that adds value to your property and an unmatched advantage to your reason to live or invest in our properties. Your Residential and Commercial community is intended to continually grow and improve as a leading and Model Community with The Choice of Wellbeing.

Here are the advantages of having the Lifestyle Medicine EcoClinics & Services in your community:

• You will have a Calendar of Activities made available to you with options such as: "Hands-on Gourment & Plant-Base Cooking" as well as "Hands-on Organic Gardening"

• Your multi-disciplinary team at the EcoClinics will assist and motivate you to make your lifestyle changes necessary for better health and eventually preventing or reversing disease if you so desire

• Group Support Medical Clinics

• Group Support Nutritional Learning Activities

• Your Home Association Fee includes access to the Cerro Chato ANC Park & Gardens Trails & Outdoor Excercse Stations

• Within the community you will have "The Falls Wellbeing Resort" which serves as an accommodation facility for your extended family, friends, coprporate groups and others, who may want to partake in the 10-Day Intensive Lifestyle Transformation & Disease Reversal Program, just to name an example. 

• In addition, within the development, you will have an Outfitters Shoppe that will equip you with all you outdoor gear.