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The mastermind humbly allows us to uncover him and expose his work with only one purpose. He wants you to know that his efforts and achievements are for you and that you are at the center of his programs. Please understand that the publication of his impressive achievements during his Medical and Entrepreneurial carreer is serving only to provide security, reputation and integrity to his projects. He wants to pass onto you the benefits of his knowledge and experience, so that you may have a better life and a secure, prosperous investment.

Dr. Henry A Villegas, MD, FAAP, FAWM was a victim of the trend of our modern society. Due to circumstances, stress of his carreer and bad lifestyle choices as far as nutrition and fitness, he ended up with Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Fatigue, Hyperlipidemia and the Metabolic Syndrome. His prognosis was clear, unless a lifestyle change was made, he understood that it was just matter of time for him to acquire chronic heart disease, vascular accidents, stroke, heart attacks, depression and a miserable end of life. This is without mentioning that his numerous expensive medical interventions, pills, frequent medical and laboratory studies and evaluations were aggravating his finances and joy of life. Sound familiar?

Thanks to his success of reversing all his illness and eliminating all his pills by changing his diet and doing more exercise, Dr. Villegas is now a healthy, better fit individual and soon to be a specialist in Lifestyle Medicine. He is an enthusiastic supporter for the resolution of the health and economic crisis by establishing community models, one at a time, where people may live in the luxury of dream homes, while supporting a choice of wellbeing lifestyle. This is the reason that Dr Villegas, as an entrepreneur, embarked in the development of an EcoSustainable and Self-Sufficient Lifestyle Community first in his hometown of La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica. He hopes to continue receiving the support of his fellow local citizens to crown his dream.


Here is a brief summary of his Curriculum Vitae:

• Born in La Fortuna de San Carlos in the 50's, he witnessed the extreme conditions of rural Costa Rica and the disease and poverty that came along with it as he was growing up. He wanted to make a difference even during his elementary school years. He knew at that time that he was going to be a doctor. He was determined to help his own people.

• He moved out of his home at age 12 to pursue Secondary Studies at Liceo de San Carlos and later at The Instituto de Alajuela, where he obtained his High School diploma.

• Admitted to University of Costa Rica at age 17 as a freshman. At age 20 he was admitted into the University of Costa Rica's School of Medicine

• Dr. Villegas graduated from the University of Costa Rica's School of Medicine at age 24 and following his graduation, he completed one year of Social Rural Services.

• At age 28 he completed his residency in Pediatrics at the National Children's Hospital in Costa Rica and became a Pediatrician.

• From age 29 to 34 he had several achievements: Passed his USA ECFMG & Medical Boards in Washington State and completed a Postgraduate Education at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He began practicing Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and later in his career he devoted his time to practice Pediatric Emergency Medicine in Minnesota, Georgia and Florida.

• His areas of Expertise and Specialties are General Pediatrics, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Wilderness Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.

• As an entrepreneur, Dr. Villegas founded a non-profit organization under the name of Children's Mission International. He served as its president, organizing and leading numerous Pediatric Medical Mission Trips to Costa Rica.

• He is the founder and owner of a level 4-CST Sustainable mountain lodge in Costa Rica in his hometown of La Fortuna de San Carlos "The GreenLagoon Falls Park & Lodge".

• He also founded an Online Expedition Reservation System named Americas Paradise Travel, that later changed the nature of operation and was re-named
"". He has acquired nearly 400 acres of land in a prime resort community in Costa Rica and in his hometown, where he is developing several projects.

• He also founded the Costa Rica Elite Hotels as a Costa Rican chain of hotels joining on the world's top Online Global Next Generation and Breakthrough Reservation & Distribution Systems. His experience allowed him to gain a wealth of knowledge and authority in this industry, qualifying him for his next endeavor.

• He has gained experience in building sustainable luxury villas and a lodge in Costa Rica and most recently he won an Excellence Award named:


"Sustainable Healthcare Leadership Award" by the Society of Travel Medicine which was presented to him during its annual Conference in Chicago, IL in November 2011.

His award was granted in virtue of his Sustainable Lifestyle Community Model and Master Plan in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Here is the Master plan:

One of the greatest health and economic crisis' of human kind is now affecting our societies. Dr. Villegas believes that the root of this crisis is mainly due to the lifestyles we are now choosing for ourselves. He believes we have a simple sustainable solution. This is perhaps Dr. Villegas most ambitious endeavor of his career. In his modeled community, Dr. Villegas is applying his principles of Integration, Innovation and Transformation to help people resolve their own health and economic issues, transforming their personal lives and our communities at large, into healthy, prosperous and sustainable ones. La Fortuna is the first of hopefully many successful transformed communities to come.